I created this site so that people can more easily keep track of Nerd Trivia hints, announcements, and other things that may be lurking in our future (no grues, I promise!)

So without further ado, here’s the spiel for noobs:


Hobbits, humans, wizards, muggles, Time Lords, Trekkers, Jedi, Sith Lords, mutants, Inhumans, Deviants, hitchhikers, come join us in a battle of the minds to determine whose is the supreme nerd brain(s)!!!

The format will be pretty much the same as the legendary Trivia Night of Legend (spoken of only in whispers). Three rounds, Bonus Rounds, final question. Topics from fantasy to space opera to the silver screen, toons and tunes and tomes . . . come with no expectations!

Brigantine has a limited food menu available (including the deeelicious Plancha Burger), or you may avail yourself of the delicious Argosy menu in the main room beforehand!

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